About Us

To be the leading cosmetic brush manufacturer

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Who We Are?

China is the world’s most important production site for cosmetic brushes. Nowadays, a large number of inferior cosmetic brushes are flooding on the market. Although the demand requires, we do not want this to be continuing.

As a result in 2014, we created Cosmido makeup tools Inc. in Hebei, the place world famous for its high-end cosmetic brushes, hoping to make good quality cosmetic brushes instead of the low-end.

In the beginning, we only did domestic business and provided OEM services for some of China’s famous cosmetics companies. With strict testing requirements, our quality is getting better and better, and we consistently win praise from our customers. We follow them, and we grow.

At the same time, we cooperate with some famous makeup schools. We provide them with the latest cosmetic brushes to test and enrich their tools.  They provide more professional advice for the continuous improvement of our products. Today, there are nearly 20 makeup schools that cooperate with us. Every year, they will customize some high-end cosmetic brushes as a gift for graduates to start their professional makeup career.

We have been developing. We follow the trend of world fashion and follow our own ingenuity. It is to be the best cosmetic brush manufacturer in the world and produce the best cosmetic brushes to make all the female friends more glamorous, more confident and much happier.

Think Like A Customer

To be the leading cosmetic brush manufacturer, we always consider from the customer’s side of view, think about the customer’s most concerned aspects of the cosmetic brushes. We humbly accept the feedback and suggestions from every customer.

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Voices of Our Customers

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