How important is the brush in the makeup program? Are makeup brushes necessary for us?

It is doubtful to see HAKUHODO’s makeup brushes more expensive than cosmetics.


Sometimes, finding a good brush will make you suddenly feel like reading a book that tells your heart. Some of the bad foundations are easy to use, and the ugly colors are pleasing to the eye.Once you use a brush, you can’t give up. First, there is a sense of presence, and the other is a sense of ritual.A comfortable brush touch over your cheeks is like picking the ears with a feather.

It’s really important to pay for a suitable brush. You’ll find that you didn’t use the correct brush to make it before. The effect is too much! People who say no difference indicate that they are not using brushes

I know that when many girls begin to makeup, they are reluctant to spend money on makeup tools. They think it is a waste, but good makeup brushes, puffs, and sponges will definitely make your cosmetics work to the maximum! I believe that many great-class makeup artists can complete perfect makeup with their hands. However, ordinary people still need tools such as makeup brushes to bless them.

The brush is very useful. First, if you have a hand, you have bacteria on your hands, and if you paint on your hands for a long time, it will have an effect on the skin. If the skin is loose and loose for a long time, it is prone to wrinkles.It will be relatively natural by using makeup brush, and it is very convenient.

I admit that after I bought HAKUHODO’s brush, I rarely used it, so it is really unnecessary to use a brush in a simple makeup. But! When you want to draw a serious eye shadow, you know where the difference between a brush and a finger is! The fingers are too easy to apply the colors uneven. As for the matching sponge sticks, the area is often too small and the powdering is not strong.

A good makeup brush is really much more expensive than cosmetics. Because a good makeup brush is a one-time investment, it can be used for many years. Makeup brush can speed up the makeup, make smudges more soft, more natural colors, fine lines. Just like the painter’s brush.

Depends on your level of makeup requirements. Just a simple makeup, you can get it. But for more sophisticated makeup, especially eye makeup and lip makeup, brushes are important. Different brushes, different bristles, and the degree of blooming may not be the same.

Like a mechanical keyboard in the hands of a person playing the game