How are makeup brushes are made? Many people do not have an idea about that even some makeup artists, here is one lesson for you to have a general idea of how to make makeup brushes and basic knowledge why the prices are different.

In general, the brush consists of three parts: brush Handle, ferrule, Bristle.

Handle: General materials are acrylic, plastic, wood, bamboo, metal and resin.

Acrylic and plastic are collectively called plastic casting handles and need to be specially made by mould.

The most common handles are bamboo, and birch wood is the most widely used in handles, and in addition, there are high-grade sandalwood

Below is an example of the most common birch handle.

According to the design of the shape of the handle, the shape of the handle is to do a good job of painting. It is generally necessary to apply over 8 coats of paint. The saturation and hardness will be better. Brush handle after painted should be placed in a cool and dry house for a month so that the flavor can be dispersed before use.

Therefore, if the hardness of the brush handle is easy to be scratched or the saturation of the paint is not enough, it usually means fewer times of painting.

The Ferrule is generally divided into two materials: copper and aluminum. The copper ferrule is slightly thicker, the hardness is 10 times that of the aluminum, the quality is 5 times that of the aluminum, and the hand feel is good. The brightness of the copper ferrule is also obviously better.

As for the color, style, size can be customized according to need

Pick ferrules: Each ferrule must be hand-screened before use, pick out the shape, color, no problem before the next production

The picked ferrules are wrapped with plastic paper to prevent scratches during the production process

The following describes the soul of the brush – Bristle

The bristle material is a soul of the soul. The quality of the bristles hair determines the price of the brush to a large extent.

The material for making the bristle can be divided into synthetic hairs and animal hairs.

The advantages of animal hairs are softness, and the intensity of powder picking is better, but due to the natural material, hair fracture may appear later, which cannot be avoided.

Synthetic hair brush advantage is environmental protection, low price, do not need special care, washable and durable. We recommend the use of synthetic hair makeup brushes, but for many professional makeup artists, they have higher requirements for makeup, we also respect their choice.

A makeup brush needs more than 80 processes. The following explains how to make a makeup brush:

Separating hair and weighing: Each brush contains a strict weight of hairs, so it will be weighed before production to ensure quality.

Combing: The weighed hairs are uneven in their hands, which necessitates the rearrangement of the bristles to make them neat and supple.

First, use a comb to straighten the bristles and remove the impurities inside. Then gently truncate it on a flat workbench to make the wool material tidy, so as to better wear the hair inside the cup, each link is closely linked to the next link.

Molding hair:

The production process is to put the well-weighed hair into the Cup then gently tap. This step can be said to be the most important step in the entire brushing process. Although it is simple to say, it takes several years to be mastered and is generally performed by the high-level masters.


After molding the hair, it is necessary to be tightened with a thin thread to prevent the hair from spreading. (This is a mid-to-high-end process, and some low-grade crafts are sent directly to the ferrule)

The shape of the hair has been completed. Here is the tail treatment of the hairs. Some irresponsible processing manufactures do not deal with the tails. After the cutting tails to flat, the  glue can also be evenly infiltrated, so that the brush head can be better adhered to the ferrule, ensuring more firm, more compact, less likely to lose hair


Measure the width and thickness of the burrs to make sure that each brush has the same size.


Remove broken hairs and hair roots. Yes, we repeated picking out the inverted roots.

Some manufacturers ignore this step. That is why there is much floating hair in some low price brushes.


Injection: Inverted and injected into the glue (This is also technical, less glue cause to easy loose, more glue cause to a defection)

According to the size of the brush, the length of the bristles, and the shape of the ferrule to adjust the proportion of the glue and the thinner material, the quantity of the glue.

After the glue is dry and one bristle is completed.

The next step is finishing the shape

The low-end makeup brush is finished by machine, in this way it basically damages the hair and causes to a terrible touch feeling.

The next step is to install the handle

After the installation is complete, each makeup brush must be checked every 20-30 minutes in 4 hours to prevent any distortion.

The finished brushes should be neatly placed and kept ventilated for 7-10 days

Finally, wipe the brushes to keep them totally clean.

During the process of packaging and wiping, it is also necessary to check if it is distorted.

Package and deliver to the world-wide.

In the end, I would like to say that the price and quality of the brushes are equal. We must choose manufacturers who are serious in making makeup brushes and avoid buying inferior makeup brushes that will affect your brand and reputation.