Normally, most of the girls like to apply lipstick directly, but some girls use a lip brush to apply lipstick, especially makeup artists.

To go to the counter to test lipsticks, you may find it is a make-up artist with a lip brush to help us painted lipstick. What is the advantage? Professional makeup artists prefer lip brushes.

Following are the advantages to explain you why.

1. The color will be more layered

The lip brush can well outline the lip shape and can handle the small details of the lip corners. The coloring will be even and full. If you use lipstick to paint directly, the lips are always not treated with exquisite dexterity, and the lip makeup painted is relatively weak.

2. Lip brush can be helped to adjust the lip

A lip that suits you can give you an extra point and completely change your face visually. This is why some girls say that they don’t look good on lipstick, not the wrong color, but not the perfect lip shape. Lipstick directly coated, it is difficult to finely adjust the lip shape, can only give the lips a color, although it is convenient to apply lipstick, for the women whose lip is not perfect, in that way cannot modify the lip shape, lip makeup is of course not perfect.

3. Reduce lipstick consumption

Smearing lipstick with a lip brush is mainly a gradual brushing of one layer at a time, achieving a coloring effect through multiple thin paintings. This process is very provincial in terms of lipstick. However, a lipstick basically can’t be used out, so this advantage can be ignored.

4. Suitable for dark lipstick

Applying lipstick directly is easy to paint too thick. If you use dark red, it will look very heavy. Try a lip brush it will never make like that.  You can color it thin to show the most beautiful colors.

5. For people with poor lip status

For those girls who have a dry lip, they most afraid of the deep lip lines, a direct coating is very easy to cause this problem, but lip brush, some of the more dry lipstick can be spread open, naturally not obvious lip lines.

There are many ways to apply lipstick, and some people like to apply it by hand. The color of the lipstick can be melted by the temperature of the hand. This painting method is also good, but you should pay attention to keep cleaning of the hands.

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