The most comprehensive knowledge about Buffer brush ever

Buffer Brush is a makeup tool used for the last setting makeup, according to texture generally divided into animal hair and artificial hair. It is softer and more natural than a puff. It can evenly paint. It can also be used to brush off the excess loose powder. The advantage of using a buffer brush to set makeup is that the makeup effect is light and thin so that the looking is naturally but not artificial, and the amount of mineral is relatively saved.

About powder brush hair:

Usually, we see the buffer brush is usually the following materials, according to the price from low to high:

  1. Synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is also divided into many grades depending on the origin and quality. We use high-end Synthetic hair as the material. The durability is relatively high, and the color can be chosen at will, anti-dirty and easy to clean.
  2. Goat hair. Goat hair has good ability to grasp powder and is divided into several grades from its total necessary length, thickness, like XGF and ZGF, different under the microscope, the price difference is relatively large, so be sure to ask the seller when buying, in the end, Which grade of goat hair is used.
  3. Synthetic hair mixed with goat hair. This makeup brush combines the advantages of both, and the price is also relatively affordable. It is a combination of materials that we recommend to use.
  4. Gray squirrel hair. The squirrel hair is the softest and most expensive material for makeup brushes. This type of makeup brush is usually customized by a professional makeup artist, or some luxury brand is to the special needs of some people, it is characterized by super soft, will not cause any skin irritation.
Main shapes of bristle:
  1. Tapered head shape, Because of the wide bevel of the tapered brush, any face is suitable.

  1. The round head brush is actually the best one among all the brushes.

Makeup tips

When using the powder brush, you can gently dip loose powder, shack down the excess powder, and gently apply on the face. Finally, remove the face from the top . Especially when the powder is applied to the neck, shoulders, chest, and back, the use of powder brushes is unmatched by other makeup tools. Remember not to poke directly on the face with a pointed tip when using it, but use a brushed side of the hair to gently brush it over your face.

With a rich hair powder brush, you can dilute loose powder 360 degrees, sweep out the supernaturally rounded makeup, and evenly blend the powder to make your makeup look more natural. We can use it instead of puff, and it can apply more evenly than puff, showing a smooth skin texture.

How to choose:

Firstly should be placed on the face or on the back of the hand during selection, and the quality of the non-irritating powder brush will be better. Good buffer brushes should be hairy smooth, hair neatly arranged, flexible and thick. When it comes to buffer powder, it has a good ability to grab powder and evenly powder.

Note the points:

  1. The bristle’s touch should be soft and smooth, and the structure should be firm and full;
  2. Hold the bristles with your fingers and gently comb down to check if the bristles fall off;
  3. brush lightly on the back of the hand, draw a semi-circular, check whether the bristles are tidy;
  4. using a hair dryer to blow the bristles with hot air, keeping the original state is animal hair, hair-shaped curl is synthetic hair no doubt.