Compare between tongue shape foundation brush and round-head foundation brush

More and more women are trying to use foundation makeup brushes to apply makeup, mainly because using the foundation brush to makeup is cleaner, more natural, and more even than the base makeup that is made by hand or sponge.

Generally, foundation brushes have a flat, tongue shape bristle, but recently it has been found that the round-headed foundation brush is also very good.

The following is the use of experience, we hope to help the women:

Take a look at the appearance of these two brushes:

The advantages and disadvantages of tongue-shape and round heads shape

  1. Liquid foundation volume control

Extrude the same amount of liquid foundation on the back of the hand:

Tongue brush: Each time only draw a small amount of foundation with the tip of the brush and apply it on the face.

After painting a part of it, use a tip to take a small amount of liquid foundation, and then change the place to apply it locally. Repeat this until you know that your entire face has been applied. This makes it easier to control the amount of liquid foundation and is more uniform.

Round-head foundation brush: The entire round-head brush needs to be evenly collected and applied to the face.

It’s easy to grab too much at a time and it’s not easy to control.

  1. Apply the foundation evenly

Tongue shape foundation brush: It is relatively easy to beat evenly after taking liquid foundation and applying it to the face again and again.

Round-head foundation brush: Because there is a too much liquid foundation to be taken up at a time, the first place to be applied will definitely be thicker than the place to be painted later. So it is more important to test the makeup techniques of women and control the amount and time of the foundation.

  1. The actual operation of the foundation

Tongue brush: It is generally recommended that the women apply a little bit of the foundation from the inside to the outside, from the bottom to up.

Round-head foundation brush: Draw a proper amount of liquid foundation on the face with a circle.

  1. The speed of the applying:

Round-headed foundation brushes are faster than tongue brush, and they can be given priority for office workers who are in a hurry or want to make heavy makeup.

  1. Details of the treatment

Nose edge, eyes corner, mouth area, etc.

Tongue shape brush: Take care of the tip with a little upright.

Round-head foundation brush: It is slightly inconvenient to apply on the detailed treatment.

  1. The rendering effect:

Tongue shape foundation brush: The foundation that is made is more even, clearer, and more natural, and it’s like our beautiful natural skin.

Makeup tips:

Generally recommended for beginners, after applying the liquid, press with the hand or sponge on the face evenly, so that you can remove the brush mark, you can also make the foundation with the skin fit better, not easy falling down.

If the skin is extremely dry, you can also use moisturizers, make-up water, etc. to make skin and foundation fit better.